What Are The Signs of Diabetes?

April 1, 2021

Diabetes is a serious problem and it can even damage your body parts, which plays an important role in the function of your body. But if you will take care of yourself while suffering from both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, you can make yourself as healthy as you were before diabetes. We are going to tell you some of the signs, which is like a warning for you and such signs will show you that you are committed to diabetes and you need to do treatment for this. But after seeing these symptoms, don’t try to treat yourself with home remedies or by taking precautions. Go to the nearby clinic or hospital and share your signs which you have seen with the doctors. So, let’s have a look at the first common signs of diabetes.

  • You need to go to the washroom more than usual: – Frequent urination is the first basic sign of diabetes. As we all know, a normal person passes urine about 5 to 6 times a day, but if you are a diabetes patient then the number of going to the washroom will increase too much. Do you know why? Well, let us tell you when you are suffering from diabetes then the sugar will stick to both the kidney and this glucose or you can say sugar will get out from your body through urination. For getting out the excess glucose from your body, you have to make more urine and for more urine, you need to consume more water.


  • You will feel very thirsty all the time: – As you have a look at the above points that you will experience frequent urination so your body will always be dehydrated and your body will need the water then you wasted infrequent urination, right. That’s why you are going to feel thirsty all the time and your mouth will be dry all the time as well.


  • You are going to experience dry and itching skin: – Due to the dehydration problem, you will also experience dry skin and itching all the time. So, if you will not take care of this problem then this will become worse and it can even kill you.


  • Your hunger will increase more than usual: – As we know that, due to frequent urination all the nutrients and energy will get out from your body along with urine, okay and we also know that the body needs energy in the form of the vitamin, carbohydrates, and fiber for survival. That’s why you will be hungry all the time.


  • You will feel tired: – Sleeping enough is also a sign of diabetes. If after taking a night of sleep and relaxation you will still feel tired, and then don’t wait for anything you need to hire a doctor because it is a dangerous warning of diabetes. Have you noticed that all the signs of diabetes are interlinked with dehydration or hunger? So along with taking medication you also have to consume more food which contains a high amount of nutrients and you also have to consume a lot of water in a day will complete your half of the treatment.


  • You will experience blurry vision: – Let me inform you, blurred vision is not only a sign of weak eye sides. Blurred eyes can also be a sign of diabetes. So when you see this sign in yourself you immediately need to go for a checkup on your eyes and after that go to the diabetes doctor with the eye checkup reports and tell them about your signs.


  • Cuts and wounds take a long period of healing: – As your body doesn’t have that many nutrients in the body so that the healing power of cuts and wounds will also reduce. That’s why it will take a long period for healing even a small cut. So if your cuts started taking a long time in healing it may be a sign of diabetes. If anyone is suffering from this sign will have to look for a doctor immediately.


You are also going to experience rapid increase and loss in body weight: – the person who is a diabetic patient will surely be going to feel all of a sudden weight loss and weight gain as well. Because as your body is tired the weight of your body will also reduce and when you start taking medicines for diabetes your weight will increase suddenly, as the medicine which you are going to intake are heavy dose medicines.

Well, if anyone is experiencing these symptoms then go to the doctor and get started the diabetes treatment as soon as possible.