Diabetes Scan

diabetes scan

Diabetes Scan is done to look at the organs affected in Diabetes. In Diabetes Scan, in nearly 3 hours all these organs are examined and investigated. Thus diagnosis of Diabetes complications can be done early and timely treatment may help to stop further deterioration. As per international guidelines including International Diabetes Federation and American Diabetes association, annual screening of all target organs is must. TOTALL has developed a state of art Diabetes Scan facility for this purpose. Diabetes Scan is thus "Annual Report Card of Your Target Organs".

Patients with Diabetes should get a Diabetes Scan every year so as to detect any complication early and have timely management done

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Diabetes Scan

Rs 5000/-

Diabetes Scan with Sonography

Rs 5500/-

Diabetes Full Body Scan

Rs 8500/-

Investigations included in Diabetes Scan with Sonography

Investigations included in Diabetes Full Body Scan


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