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Every pregnant female should have a diabetes test during pregnancy, because during pregnancy glucose may go high, and this may have bad effects on the child in the womb.

TOTALL has special care unit Pregnancy Diabetes Clinic for diabetes patient during pregnancy

During pregnancy special diabetes care is needed, a high glucose level of a mother may harm a child in her womb, so in Pregnancy Diabetes Clinic expert doctors keep eye on the glucose level of the patient and manage glucose level

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pregnancy with Diabetes, Precautions, and treatment

If someone wants to plan pregnancy with Diabetes, it is a must to the doctor before doing so. If few rules are followed, a successful pregnancy is possible even with Diabetes.

The two most important rules are:

  • To plan pregnancy only when the sugar level is average; otherwise, high blood glucose or sugar level may harm the baby

  • Most of the medicines used to treat Diabetes are not permitted during pregnancy. In addition, treatment for blood pressure, cholesterol also needs revision. Therefore, its essential to consult a doctor, get switched to safe pregnancy medications, and only then plan pregnancy

The safest option for glucose control during pregnancy is Insulin. Since Insulin is a hormone produced in the body to control glucose levels, it is considered an ideal treatment. Insulin works only in the mother and does not lower the glucose of the baby. While tablets to treat diabetes reach to baby and thus not allowed to be used for pregnancy, diabetes treatment

As soon as the pregnancy test is positive, regular checking of glucometer is a must. Suppose glucose levels are not on target. Insulin therapy has to be further intensified. It is recommended to check glucose with the help of a glucometer daily four times that is an empty stomach, two hours after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Insulin dose should be adjusted as per glucose numbers.

Insulin is given with the help of a pen device. Depending on glucose trend, a patient may need once daily to 4 times daily pricks of Insulin

  • IFasting: 60 – 95 mg

  • 2 hour after every meal: 100 – 120 mg

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