Hormonal Treatment

PCOD : Investigation and Treatment of Menstrual irregularities and Insulin resistance in Females suffering from PCOD

Obesity : TOTALL has a specialized team of Doctors for treatment of obesity. Dexa bone scan facility is available which tells us about the fat composition of body and helps in treatment of obesity.

Disorders of Height in children: there are various hormones in our body which is responsible for our growth, out of these hormones Growth Hormone is most important deficiency of it causes dwarfism or excess of which causes Gigantism. TOTALL has a facility to treat such disorders.

Hypogonadism : Disorders related to delayed puberty in both males and females are treated at TOTALL.

Osteoporosis and calcium imbalance : TOTALL has a facility of DEXA Bone Scan which helps in treatment of weakness of bones which is more common in females after Menopause.

Sexual Disorders : A disorder like Impotency in males due to hormonal imbalance is being treated at TOTALL.

Various other hormonal disorders like Unwanted hair growth in Female, Disorders of pitutary, Adrenal gland and prolactin are also treated at TOTALL.

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