Searching For Best Diabetes Doctor In Indore Madhya Pradesh

May 20, 2022

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If you are here and looking for a Diabetes Doctor Near Me (in your area), then someone in your contact or maybe you, must be suffering from the Diabetes or Diabetes’s early symptoms. So, first we will know about diabetes and its symptoms so that it will be easy for you to quantify.

What is Diabetes

The full name of Diabetes is Diabetes mellitus, but it is commonly called as diabetes. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that causes a high blood sugar in your body. In human’s body, there is a hormone called insulin. Insulin’s primary function is to take sugar from the blood and move it into human body’s cells for storing the sugar and later be used for energy, which the body uses for function as according to the need. Due to diabetes, two changes in your body takes place. Either Diabetic patient’s body does not make enough insulin to move sugar into your cells or can’t effectively use the insulin as it should.

Type of Diabetes

There are different types of diabetes:

Type 1 diabetes – It is an autoimmune disease. Pancreas is the place in your body where insulin is made. In type 1 diabetes, immune system attacks and destroys the cells of the pancreas. It is still unknown what causes this attack in your body but, 10 percent of people with diabetes in the world have this type.

Type 2 diabetes This is change in your body when it becomes resistant to insulin. That means there will be insulin but, it will be functionless or its function will not effect the body, cells and sugar in your blood anymore and as a result, sugar builds up in your blood.

Prediabetes – It occurs when sugar level in your blood is higher than normal, but not high enough to be called diabetes by the doctors.

Gestational diabetes –It is a condition of high blood sugar in women at the time of pregnancy. In this, Insulin-blocking hormones produced in body by the placenta, which cause this type of diabetes.

Apart from all of this, there is a rare condition which is not related to diabetes mellitus, but, has a similar name. It is called diabetes insipid us and it’s a different condition in which your kidneys release too much fluid from your body.

Different type of diabetes has unique symptoms, causes, and treatments. But there are few symptoms which are common, listed below.

  1. Diabetes symptoms are caused by rising blood sugar.
  2. General symptoms
  3. The general symptoms of diabetes include:
  4. increased hunger
  5. increased thirst
  6. weight loss
  7. frequent urination
  8. blurry vision
  9. extreme fatigue
  10. sores that don’t heal

Treatment of diabetes or prediabetes is very important. If you will leave the diabetes and its symptoms untreated, your nerves, kidneys, eyes, and other organs can be damaged due to the high blood sugar from diabetes.

Now you have the basic knowledge of Diabetes and you can now quantify the symptoms by yourself. But still, these are all the bookish knowledge and if you or anyone else has any symptoms or it the feel they may have diabetes, get it checked by a doctor and specialist. If you are living in Indore, just search Diabetes Doctor Near Me and make an online appointment with Totall institute and get the best treatment and complete knowledge over diabetes.