Expert Care at TOTALL Diabetes Hormone Institute

At TOTALL, led by the renowned Diabetic Doctor in Indore, Dr. Sunil M. Jain, we offer exceptional consultation and treatment in Diabetes, Thyroid, and Hormonal diseases.

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Monday – Saturday(8:00 AM to 8:00 PM)
Sunday (Holiday)

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Welcome to Totall (Treat to Target and Live Longer)

TOTALL stands for Treat to Target And Live Longer. True to our name we strive to provide comprehensive and scientific care to patients with Diabetes, Thyroid disease, and Hormonal ailments.

How Diabetic Doctors works in best diabetic clinic in Indore (Totall)

At TOTALL, steered by the best diabetes doctor in Indore, revolves around personalized and compassionate care. We specialize in:
  1. Diabetes Management (Type 1, Type 2, Gestational)
  2. Thyroid Disorders (Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism)
  3. Hormonal Imbalances (PCOS, Adrenal Gland Diseases)
  4. Metabolic Challenges (High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Obesity)

At Totall diabetes doctor in Indore Empower patients with Advanced Health care

Our institute, guided by the top diabetic doctor in Indore, is unique for its:
  1. Patient education and self-management training in Diabetes
  2. Customized dietary plans complementing treatment In-depth Insulin and Foot Care Training
  3. Varied hospital facilities including general wards, semi-private, and deluxe rooms

Get 24/7 Help with Totall touch App

Emphasizing the importance of technological integration, we have developed the TOTALL Touch App, a comprehensive tool for managing your health effectively. This innovative app allows you to keep track of your health records and appointments conveniently.

Our Highly Recommended Facilities at best diabetic clinic in Indore

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Freestyle Libre
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TOTALL Pathology
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TOTALL Pharmacy
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Dental Care
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Thyroid Clinic
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Hormonal Treatment
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Health Shoppe
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Foot care
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Pregnancy Diabetes Clinic
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TOTALL Hospital
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Checkup Packages
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Diabetes Scan
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Sexual Dysfunction treatment

Diseases Treated at TOTALL: best diabetic clinic in Indore

TOTALL is established to treat Diabetes, Thyroid and other hormonal disorders.
Just as diabetes happens due to deficiency of Insulin hormone like that many diseases Occurs due to deficiency of various other hormones.
Following diseases are treated at TOTALL
treated tottal
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Totall has admission facility at 2nd floor. Totall hospital takes care of non icu medical management. Diabetic patients who has any admission requiring medical illness or grossly uncontrolled patients needing sugar control are admitted.

Defeat Diabetes With Best Diabetes Doctor In Indore

At TOTALL Diabetes Hormone Institute, Our Commitment To Your Health Is Unwavering. Led By A Diabetes Doctor In Indore, Our Team Is Dedicated To Providing You With Personalized Healthcare Solutions. We Offer Comprehensive Services For Non-ICU Medical Management And Ensure Every Patient Receives The Care They Need In A Supportive Environment.

Your Health, Our Commitment with best diabetic clinic in Indore

At Totall we are committed to prioritizing your health through our obligation to greatness in diabetes care. Our clinic, perceived as the best diabetic clinic in Indore, remains as a signal of complete and humane healthcare administrations for individuals dealing with diabetes.
Our team of experienced and skilled healthcare professionals is given to providing customized and powerful treatment plans. From cutting edge demonstrative instruments to cutting-edge medicines, we are at the front of diabetes the board, ensuring that you get the best quality of care.
Choose Totall for the best diabetic care in Indore, where your well-being is our highest need. Trust us to be your devoted accomplice in managing diabetes and achieving a better, really fulfilling life.

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What Our Patients Say

It’s a Very nice hospital
Gokul Verma
Gokul Verma
10:54 15 Feb 24
More Time taking
sanjeev diwakar
sanjeev diwakar
07:12 28 Dec 23
good hospital I am I change my life style after visited 1 October your diabetes obesity awernes program (diabetes mela) briliant convention centre indore
sonu patidar
sonu patidar
11:55 26 Oct 23
Good experience
08:37 10 Oct 23
Just ok not so good
Neera Khanna
Neera Khanna
20:52 13 Sep 23
Nice hospital 👍👍
bharatbhushan sharma
bharatbhushan sharma
09:56 17 Aug 23
I feel good about my treatment of sugar and I wants to give thanks to all respected doctors and staff for given valuable suggestions and cooperation
09:04 09 Aug 23
Total hostipal have total solutions of your problem
Prakash Patware
Prakash Patware
09:08 07 Aug 23
Good enqari
Staff is goodWorking process is also goodLet’s see how all the checkups and medicines work on my health
08:02 02 Aug 23

Our Medical Specialists

dr alok jain 1
Dr. Alok Jain
dr kamlesh badonia
Dr. Kamlesh Badonia
dr s k parwani 1 1
Dr. S. K. Parwani
dr alok lahoti 1 1
Dr. Alok Lahoti
new project 2024 01 04t121711.527
Ms. Vijaya Dubey
dr saba afsar min
Dr Saba Afsar
dr vimaljeet sahu min 650x573 1 1
Dr. Vimaljeet Sahu
dr suresh chugh min
Dr. Suresh Chugh
dr megha jajodia min
Dr. Megha Jajodia
dr gourav gupta min
Dr. Gaurav Gupta
dr prakash naik
Dr. Prakash Naik
dr mahesh gupta min
Dr. Mahesh Gupta
dr sharad khandelwal min
Dr. Sharad Khandelwal

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