What is the best food for a diabetic patient?

March 5, 2021

For a diabetes patient, it’s very important to avoid some foods or intake some healthy foods. Let me tell you fruits and vegetables have healthful proteins in them which is very beneficial for the person who is suffering from diabetes. Consuming healthy foods will help you to maintain your health, controlling blood sugar level and it will also prevent future issues related to health. We have a breakdown of a list of healthy food on the suggestion of doctors and dietitians, the foods which we have written down will surely go to work for diabetes patients.

Green Leaf VegitablesGreen leafy vegetables: – As we all know that green leafy vegetables contain a lot of vitamins, protein, and other nutrients. Green leafy vegetables also contain proteins, fiber, or vitamins which is very beneficial for diabetic patients.


Kale is also a green leafy vegetable and by some research, doctors found that kale juice has that much capability that it can control high blood sugar level and diabetes doctor says that the person who drank approximately 400 grams of kale juice in a day for about 4 to 7 weeks can even get rid of from diabetes. You can also consume green leafy vegetables as a salad.

Faty Fish

Fatty fish: – Fatty fish is considered a healthy food in the whole world and flatty fish is really a very healthful addition to any type of diet. The top diabetes doctor’s fatty fish is considered the healthiest diet for diabetic patients because it contains omega-3 fatty acids.


We all know that overweight is too dangerous for diabetes patients but patients need fats in a little amount for the proper functioning of body parts and for making heart and brain health. If you are vegetarian due to some reason if you cannot consume fatty fish then don’t worry, you can also consume kelp and spirulina as a source of fatty acids. You can consume fried fatty fish, you can have it in a baked, roasted and some other boiled form with a pair of mixed vegetables, it will make your meal very healthy.


Beans: – Beans are one of the healthiest options for the person who is suffering from diabetes. As beans are low on the GI scale so it’s better for blood sugar regulation and it will also reduce the intake of carbohydrates as carbohydrates are dangerous for diabetic patients.

Eating beans in a good quantity can even help diabetic patients to reduce weight and cholesterol. Here are some beans which you can consume, kidney beans, pinto beans, navy beans, and black beans. These beans contain numerous proteins and nutrients. By which you can get rid of diabetes in the fastest way.

WholeGrainsWhole grains. Do you know that whole grains contain a high amount of nutrients, proteins, magnesium, and other vitamins as compared to any other refined grains? As whole grains contain fiber in them then it will slow down the high blood sugar level soon.

You can add some whole grains to your diet such as brown rice, whole grain pasta, buckwheat, millet, bulgur, rye, and all other whole grains.

sweet potatoesSweet potatoes: – Generally sweet potatoes have a much lower GI as compared to normal potatoes. This will make a great impact on the diabetes patient. It doesn’t mean those sweet potatoes are sweeter than it’s harmful to a diabetic person.

Sweet potatoes release sugar slowly into the drops of blood. Somewhere it is a great source of vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and various nutrients. The person who is suffering from diabetes can enjoy sweet potatoes in various ways like, roasted, boiled, mashed and other and for making it more healthful you can also add some green leafy vegetables and have it as a salad.

Probiotic yogurt

Probiotic yogurt: – All types of yogurt have a countless number of bacteria and these bacteria are not harmful to human beings. Same as probiotic yogurt has helpful bacteria which is very beneficial for diabetic patients.

This may taste bitter but has some benefits. After the doctor’s research, we have found that consumption of probiotic yogurt could really improve cholesterol levels for high blood sugar level patients as well as it will also increase the production of insulin in the human body. Probiotic with nuts and barriers is a healthful combination and you can consume it in a form of breakfast.

So, these are the best food which any diabetic patient can consume and make their blood sugar level on track.